Traditional Logs

Traditional logs

At Rose Bank Sawmill we stock split hardwood logs and sell them by the dumpy bag full.

The logs are kept outdoors throughout the year, so please be aware that they could be wet when delivered. However please feel free to come and inspect the logs before you order to ensure you are 100% happy.

Due to the size and weight of the dumpy bags, a trailer or pick-up will be required should you not want to use our delivery service.

Heat Logs

Heat logs

Heat Logs are made from clean waste wood products. These are then broken down to form sawdust, and combined with a mixture of joinery waste, wood shavings, hardwood and soft wood. There are no binders used during the production process, instead extreme pressure binds them together into a solid state. When they burn there is very little ash, but they do kick out incredible heat.

For more information about this product please speak to our staff.

Log Delivery

Delivery to your door

We are happy to deliver logs from our Dalston base, throughout Cumbria and beyond. We have various sizes of delivery vehicle, so whether you want to buy a single dumpy bag of traditional logs, or buy in bulk, we can deliver. Delivery price depends on geographical area.

Heat logs are available in individual packs or can be bought by the pallet at a 10% discount.

For specific prices and delivery costs, please call us today 016974 76259.